Knitting 14″ straight needle case

113,00 $

  • Crazy horse leather
  • 9 pockets for 14″ straigth needles
  • Сloses with 3 buttons

Leather 14″ inch knitting needle case is made of genuine “Crazy Horse” leather premium quality. Stitched entirely by hand very high quality waxed thread. There are 9 pockets for 14″ straigth needles, 3 snap button closure.

“Crazy horse” leather cases are durable and wear-resistant. It has a noble appearance with a natural pattern, self-repairs when damaged, acquires a vintage patina charm over time. The vintage look of Crazy Horse leather is achieved due to its ability to lighten on the folds because of the wax finish of full grain leather. Lighting on the folds is a natural process of high-quality crazy horse leather and has nothing to do with the usual mechanical abrasions. With such products there are no difficulties in care, they do not require any coating. If necessary, lightly wipe them with a soft cloth or wipe with a wet soft sponge. The popularity of this type of material is fully justified by the quality, it is a strong elastic skin. Due to its wear resistance, it is excellent for making needle covers.

Leather 10″ knitting needle storage bag

14″ inch knitting needle case is a compact, practical and universal helper for you and your hobby.

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