Leather clutch bags Olive
Leather small wallet Moss
Leathers wallets
Leather interchangeable knitting needle organizer
Leather watch strap Rust Black perforated
Leather coin purse tray wallet
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Handcrafted leather goods and accessories by Anger Refuge

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Watch straps
Watch rolls
Key holders
Knitting organizers
Glasses cases
E-readers cases
Pet collars
Camers straps

Hi, we are Olga & Andrey and welcome to our site

 We are engaged in the manufacture of leather goods, which is guaranteed quality for many years. Our accessories are for those who reject the usual and one-time and want the thing to serve for many years and delight you. Aesthetic defects, such as discoloration, scratches, etc., are visible on the crazy horse Leather. Each handcrafted goods from our assortment are made and hand-sewn with love and attention to detail. You will carry our goods with you every day and they will give pleasure and warmth. Each handcrafted leather goods product is as unique as the person who wears it. Each strap for your favorite watch or pet collar made by us, carefully assembled with attention to detail, which manifests itself in each stitch. We do everything in our influence to ensure that every customer always receives an excellent thing that will give them joy.

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