Pet collars

A pet collars is an indispensable accessory for a pet, which not only serves as decoration, but also ensures the safety of the pet and people or other pets.

Pet owners understand that a dog or cat or other pet is more than just a pet, they become our friends and family members whom we love and care for. Each of them is special, unique and very valuable to us. Of course, owners want the best for their dogs, puppies or kittens. So give your furry friends a gift. Our leather collars are made entirely by hand from genuine leather.

All our pet collars are durable and strong, they can be used every day.

We have both regular leather collars and wicker ones. Also, if you have many puppies, look for collars in different colors to make it easier to distinguish between puppies.

If you are having trouble choosing or have questions, please visit our contact page to contact us for assistance.

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