Knitting needles cases

Handmade leather knitting needles cases is a compact, practical and versatile helper for you and your hobby. It will help you travel safely with your knitting needle case and keep it compactly at home to avoid a mess.

You can store your knitting supplies in knitting cases, circular, crochet hook, double-pointed, 10” and 14” needles and hooks in one place. The knitting needle cover were the perfect gift for people who love to knit and an essential accessory for experienced knitters and beginners. All accessories in a case will be at hand, in perfect shape with a beautiful leather case. It should match your style and you like it!

These universal models, handmade from soft natural “Crazy Horse” leather, you will find beauty and functionality in them, you can always write to us and together we will make the right companion for your needs.

If you are having trouble choosing or have questions, please visit our contact page to contact us for assistance.

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