Tobacco pouches history of appearance

A convenient, small bag for storing tobacco was not created for this purpose. Initially, it was used by the steppe peoples to store money, then the accessory migrated to Turkey and Europe. Later, not only money, but also jewelry of small sizes began to be stored in a pouch. And tobacco for a true connoisseur is the very jewel. The skin from which the pouches are sewn retains the aroma of tobacco without adding foreign odors to it. The bag does not allow moisture to pass through, which means it retains the properties of tobacco and protects the contents from mechanical damage.

Leather tobacco pouch
Leather tobacco pouch

The traditions associated with the tobacco pouches go far into the past. From it, small handfuls of tobacco were taken out by soldiers in the trenches, treating their comrades and maintaining morale. Kiset accompanied brave sailors and travelers. It could unite people, regardless of their position in society and wealth. A handful of tobacco from a leather pouch, a few pleasant minutes of intimate conversations in a thick tobacco haze could make people friends for life. Do not forget that many museums around the world keep unique pouches as genuine representatives of human culture.
And yet, a bag-pouch, despite its attractiveness, cannot exist on its own. It is designed to serve the connoisseur of beautiful smoking, protecting and preserving the most valuable thing – tobacco, a pipe.

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