Leather Pipe & Tobacco case

82,00 $

  • Crazy horse leather
  • Size: Folded 19*12cm(7.5*4.7inch)
  • Pocket for a pipe
  • Pocket for tools
  • Pocket for tobacco

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Pipe smokers need a practical place to store their tobacco and pipes. Tobacco is best stored in a dark, dry place, sealed in a cool place. We offer a convenient tobacco pouch for walking or traveling for storing pipes and everything you need on the road or on a walk.

This tobacco pouch is made from high quality natural oiled waxed Crazy Horse leather. It has one pocket for a pipe, one for tools and an additional one for tobacco. Crazy Horse is very popular in every leather goods industry. It has a noble appearance with a natural pattern, self-repairs when damaged, has a vintage charm.

Convenient to wear every day, all your smoking accessories will be in one place, protect the pipe from scratches, and tobacco from sun exposure and getting wet, moisture. Tobacco pouches should be used up within a day or so and then refilled. The package does not allow moisture to pass through, which means it retains the properties of tobacco and protects the contents from mechanical damage.

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