Crazy Horse leather

Crazy horse leather watch strap

The name comes from the production of horse ammunition. Since ancient times, leather has been valued for its durability and strength.

A fine layer of wax is applied to the leather and then polished to a sheen. The item in use gets scratches, transforms in color, which betrays strength and vintage.

There are many types of skin in our world. We use Crazy Horse because it has a natural look and it’s pleasant in touch. All these skin imperfections, like insect bites and scratches, and sometimes healed scraps or wrinkles, give a more natural and real look. Skin has a timeless beauty and vintage look that cannot be replicated by any other leather. Small bumps, cuts and scratches emphasize the variety of naturalness and leather.

Crazy Horse is made from natural smooth cow leather impregnated with special oils and waxes, which make it strong and beautiful. It will not be difficult for you to notice scratches, bumps and the difference between them when folded or twisted.

The creation of our products is based on high-quality genuine leather produced in Ukraine and Turkey. Your product will be durable enough to serve you for many years and delight you every time you pick it up. And each bag is unique, just like its owner.

Crazy horse leather

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